IC Package and Footprint Conversion

Suitable for prototyping, bridging a supply gap or solving obsolescence these adapters/interposers enable the use of another component, perhaps from the same family, that has a different footprint whether the pin configuration is the same or not.

Component shortages are not just about increased demand, a number of other factors such as production capacity, supply chain disruptions, technology migration and mergers & acquisitions contribute to product scarcity and decline.

Clients of Winslow adopt a pragmatic approach, using our Adaptic programme to identify a direct alternative capable of mounting to your target board until the supply of the original components stabilises. Taking this route offers a speedy, cost-effective option that won’t jeopardise traceability, production targets will still be met and management pressure minimised

All we require from you is the affected component part number and we’ll offer a resolution that integrates seamlessly with your manufacturing process.

Winslow can procure the replacement components and assemble to the adapter/interposer for a complete, turnkey service or provide the parts in panel format or individual circuits for self-assembly

Many standard package types are already designed and available for fast turnaround with some available for next day delivery from RS Components.

Winslow Adaptics proprietary interconnect techniques for package conversion have been successfully tested to MIL-STD 202 method 213 using MIL-STD 810 method 516.6 and MIL-STD 202 method 204 using MIL-STD 810 method 514.6 for Shock and Vibration.

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