Allocation & Obsolescence

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Package/Footprint Conversion

Suitable for prototyping, bridging a supply gap or solving obsolescence these adapters/interposers enable the use of another component, perhaps from the same family, that has a different footprint whether the pin configuration is the same or not. Component shortages are not just about increased demand, a number of other factors such as production capacity, supply…

Device Re-targeting

Obsolescence brings with it great uncertainty. A last-time-buy notice requires you to forecast usage for the remaining production and service life of your equipment while unplanned re-design introduces disruption not accounted for in project budgets and departmental hours. Winslow solutions harness our extensive knowledge of electronic hardware & software design and interconnect to reconfigure this…

Reverse Engineering

Our Reverse Engineering service extends to reviewing hard copy drawings for material and treatment processes in line with the EU REACH regulations, scanning complex forms to an accuracy of 5 microns where drawings no longer exist and manufacturing a minimum order quantity of just one part using CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Plastic Moulding or Casting. This helps companies combat issues of Obsolescence and Allocation.


Winslow continue to maintain tooling for legacy connectors and will cross refer to most manufacturers part number and/or drawings to support numerous businesses.

Industries we supply

Winslow are proud to have designed, developed and manufactured quality products for a broad range of applications, from Space to Formula 1 our customers are far reaching.
Our friendly and experienced team have become a crucial part of our customers trusted supplier network.