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Screw Machine/ Turn Pin Sockets

Termination and contact plating options: RoHS Compliant Pure Tin, Sn/Pb and Gold. Super Flat version also available which features a hollow tail allowing the IC leg to plug further into the socket thus creating a lower profile. Find out more about our products below, if you have any questions, please contact the team using the…

PCB Connectors

Winslow’s PCB Connector range is available as Single and Dual Row Female Header Sockets and Male Headers for horizontal and vertical mount in 1.27mm, 2.00mm and 2.54mm pitch available as through board or surface mount

Stamped Pin IC Sockets

The industry standard Stamped Pin IC Sockets are 2.54mm and 1.78 mm, designed for automatic PCB loading machines features include; overstress protection, the large target area for ease of IC insertion and a 35 degree angled contact to prevent the IC leg from going behind the contact during insertion.

Wire Wrap

Our Wire Wrap is 2.54mm pitch Dual in Line, Single in Line and PLCC sockets which allow for three wraps and incorporate a straight knurled barrel to alleviate pin rotation during the wrapping process.

PLCC Sockets & Plugs

JEDEC industry standard thru board, surface mount and wire wrap PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) Sockets. PLCC Plugs plug into a PLCC socket to facilitate the addition of a daughter board, emulation module or test adapter. Speak to the team for more information on our PLCC Socket and Plug range.

SIMM Sockets

JEDEC industry standard SIMM Sockets (Single In-line Memory Modules)

Transistor and Circular IC Sockets

Winslow’s Transistor and Circular IC Sockets range incorporates pin 1 identification and countersunk lead-ins for easy device insertion, having the outside edge of the contact external to the plastic body aids in-situ testing from the top. For more information on Transistor Sockets, visit the technical information below or contact the Winslow Adaptics team.

Shorting Link/Jumpers

Features of Winslow Adaptics’ Shorting Link/Jumpers: 2.54 mm pitch closed, open-top and thumb pull shorting links designed to mate with 0.6 mm² headers with a recommended header length 4.3 mm minimum 2.00 mm pitch open and closed top shorting links

Opto/Diode Display Sockets

Opto/Diode Display Sockets are legacy components are specifically designed to accept 7 segment displays, allowing packages to be mounted side by side or end to end.


When our engineers consider custom interconnect they think both ends of the scale, from a small modification to a PLCC socket body and its pin plating for the ESA Solar Orbiter SPICE Instrument, which will perform extreme ultraviolet imaging spectroscopy to remotely characterize plasma properties of the Sun's on-disc corona, through to full-blown socket design and associated manufacture.

Industries we supply

Winslow are proud to have designed, developed and manufactured quality products for a broad range of applications, from Space to Formula 1 our customers are far reaching.
Our friendly and experienced team have become a crucial part of our customers trusted supplier network.