Jermyn Semiconductor Hardware

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Mounting Pads

Providing mechanical support to the device, insulation between device and PCB, minimise thermal shock during soldering. Many convert one pin configuration to another, often to a larger pitch (PCD) or spread leads for easy connection and soldering.

Transistor & Circular IC Sockets

Incorporating pin 1 identification and countersunk lead-ins for easy device insertion, having the outside edge of the contact external to the plastic body aids in-situ testing from the top.

Opto/Diode Display Sockets

Specifically designed to accept 7 segment displays, allowing packages to be mounted side by side or end to end.

Insulators, Panel Washers, Bushes and Covers

Providing mechanical protection for chassis and panels against the action of screws, protecting devices from shorting.

Component Carriers

Designed to support mechanically a wide range of axial components in either a horizontal or vertical mode. They provide protection from soldering temperatures and short circuits from adjacent components.


A heat dissipater that operates as a result of the temperature difference and thermal resistances between the heat source (semiconductor) and the ambient air. The heat sink increases the surface area available for heat transfer from the semiconductor thus increasing the amount of heat that can be dissipated. The amount of heat that can be removed is most often characterised by thermal resistance i.e. the lower the thermal resistance the better the performance. The only way thermal resistance can be reduced is by either increasing the physical size of the heat sink i.e. changing the surface area or by moving more air across the sink (changing from natural to forced convection coefficients, typically a fan or blower).

Mounting & Insulating Kits

For mounting power transistors to heatsinks where insulation is required

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