Specialising in prototyping and low to medium volume, utilising either manual or fully automated pick & place, we are able to offer an economical circuit board assembly

  • Specialize in low to medium volume
  • One-off prototyping
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Automated and Manual assembly
  • Approved to ISO9000 :2000


We are able to offer economical prototyping and production pricing for the most common types of printed circuit board.

  • Specialists in low to medium volume
  • Very low cost double sided rapid prototyping
  • 2-12 layers
  • FR4, FR5, Polyamide substrates
  • Tin or Gold plating
  • All products manufactured in the UK to ISO9000


Winslow has been manufacturing precision tooling and injection moulding for more almost 30 years. We have extensive experience of close tolerance moulding and the use of engineering polymers.

  • Precision injection moulding at very competitive rates
  • Modern, processor controlled machines
  • In-house toolroom support & Rapid prototyping facility
  • Any size production run & full assembly service
  • Specialist in close tolerance moulding of electrical grade thermoplastics


We offer an obsolescence management “one stop shop” providing a valuable tool for mitigating component obsolescence through teaming.

No Matter how much forethought or planning goes into a job, problems do and will arise from time-to-time. This is a regular dilemma when purchasing for a BOM and can only be avoided by advanced total project procurement which, in most cases, is not financially prudent.


Naturally, part of the buying process will always include planning for future requirements and making sure that the BOM procurement is complete and scheduled for delivery in good time to avoid production hold-ups; but things don’t always go to plan. Is it possible to be pro-active and plan for that unexpected unavailability? The answer is definitely yes!

By identifying critical components on your BOM it is possible to mitigate the financial risks associated with delivery and obsolescence problems so that should the scenario arise you have an already costed, proven and available solution. When considering an Adapter, thought needs to be given to any potential increase in manufacturing costs for the period that the component is unavailable but, this needs to be offset against the costs attributed to unplanned interruption and a rapid response is required to limit business risk.

It is not enough to know what it will cost to implement a solution, it is also critical to know when that solution will start to pay off.

Of course, the ideal is for the specified component to be located in good time, but does that mean you have wasted your time finding a solution you no longer need? Absolutely not. What you have is an alternative to add to the BOM for the next time you are told lead times have gone out.

More importantly, pro-active critical component management allows you to identify where potential bottle-necks may arise and provides opportunity to have an alternative solution approved before it becomes critical to production. This will not only save the day, job and money it will give piece of mind and assure the company and its customers that the project will be delivered on schedule.

Through teaming, Winslow Adaptics can help you identify your critical components, prepare you with a solution for use in the event of delivery problems and monitor your critical components in the market place.