Device Re-targeting

Obsolescence brings with it great uncertainty. A last-time-buy notice requires you to forecast usage for the remaining production and service life of your equipment while unplanned re-design introduces disruption not accounted for in project budgets and departmental hours.

Winslow solutions harness our extensive knowledge of electronic hardware & software design and interconnect to reconfigure this intelligent core. Our drop-in alternatives bring the latest component technology to your board without the requirement for re-design or full system test.

Our experienced engineers will carry out electronic circuit analysis, select appropriate programmable device, produce the hardware design to match with the I/O standards and voltages of the target board and create appropriate schematic and/or VHDL software to emulate the original device with final test up to full functional capability. RTCA/DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware is adopted when required.

Our capacity to re-target an ASIC into an FPGA and marry the FPGA to the ASIC footprint is cost-effective and provides an opportunity to consider function expansion and a system upgrade. We don’t only fix the ASIC problem though, whatever the component tripping you up - Active or Passive – Winslow can propose a solution.

Find out more about our device retargeting work by contacting the team.