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Prototyping Adapters/Interposers

Prototyping adapters breakout from any package type to 2.54mm pitch pins or a larger pitch SMT footprint to solder to your development board. Our extensive design library means that many are available for fast delivery or next day from RS Components. Find out more about our Prototyping Adapters/Interposers products below. Looking for more information on…


These Prototyping Adapters allow the prototyping of QFN, DFN and UTDFN devices on a 2.54mm pitch development board. The adapter features a surface mount pad on the top which can be soldered to the surface mount device. The underside of the adapter has male PGA pins on 2.54mm pitch which can be soldered into a…


These Prototyping Adapters convert the footprint of a SOIC, SOJ, SSOP, TSOP & TSSOP to DIP for development, supply chain shortages & obsolescence. The adapter features surface mount pads for soldering surface mount device to the top of the adapter. The underside features male DIP pins on 2.54mm pitch which can either be soldered into…

Package/Footprint Conversion

Suitable for prototyping, bridging a supply gap or solving obsolescence these adapters/interposers enable the use of another component, perhaps from the same family, that has a different footprint whether the pin configuration is the same or not. Component shortages are not just about increased demand, a number of other factors such as production capacity, supply…

PLCC Pads to DIL

Winslow Adaptics complete range of adapters converts PLCC devices to alternative footprints. This is achieved through male pins on the underside which replicate a DIL package.

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