Custom Development

Winslow Adaptics offer reliable test contactor and elastomeric membrane modules proven in a variety of applications including RF, MEMS gyroscope non-magnetic, WLCSP, ASIC to suit all footprints.

Working closely with the customer the design process covers several rigorous phases to ensure the best and most cost-effective solution for the application. The Winslow design team use state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) tools, including 3D mechanical modelling, for the socket design. At this point, they can supply the recommended footprint if this hasn’t already been determined by the target. Following approval, the product enters computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) for fabrication.

Operating environments from normal laboratory conditions to the rigours of temperature and environmental test chambers can present a problem but with the right choice of substrate and socket, even the most extreme of environments can be catered for.  Whether the requirement is for qualification, prototyping, development, device stability or mass production the Winslow Pogo Pin sockets have been engineered to ensure device alignment with high wear resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion utilising tapered guides to ensure ease of entry and integral heat-sinks when required.

Where real estate is a premium the Winslow Delta Clip offers an easy snap-on fit which doesn’t require any bulky mechanical fixings or adhesive. Its unique contact style ensures continuity with each device termination. For instances where an individual signal needs to be put under test then the Winslow Micro Clip fits the bill. For times when the lead time for a custom solution jeopardises a project or delivery to your customer, the Winslow Elastomeric Socket can be engineered and manufactured in a little as seven days.

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