COVID-19 Statement

Whilst supply chains across the world are under so much pressure, our priority in navigating through the impact of COVID‑19 is the health, safety and well‑being of our team and that of our community whilst managing risk and minimising disruption.

Winslow Adaptics are designated as carrying out essential work and has carried out and continues to carry out due diligence with its supply chain, monitoring both lead times and available capacity.

We have made provision for employees to work from home where appropriate and some staff, including management, are multi-skilled to carry out other tasks should they be required to do so.

Our production lines remain fully operational, and all employees have been made aware of the importance of frequent, effective, hand washing and social distancing is being effectively managed. All contact surfaces are sanitised and the end of each day.

We will continue to follow the Government guidelines and ensure any individual who is exhibiting symptoms of the virus or has knowingly been in contact with someone who is exhibiting symptoms to seek medical advice and self-isolate.

We express our thanks to our staff, sales channel partners, customers and suppliers for their valuable support during these ever-changing and challenging times.

Our production lines remain fully operational and our distributors continue to operate globally.