Winslow ADAPTICs is commited to the importance of customer service and the need to be flexible in today's challenging markets.

The implementation of the RoHS Directive July 1st 2006 has certainly set the company a few challenges but none that we haven't been able to overcome.

The following sets out additions to our part numbers to denote compliance of a part to the directive AND compatibility to the reflow temperatures our products will see during soldering. Compatibility is of particular importance to plastics and reflow temperatures.


The ADAPTICs program will be available in both leaded and lead-free as demand permits. For commodity adapters lead-free parts will have the suffix, RC, at the end of the part number e.g. W9501 = Leaded and W9501RC = lead-free. We will also add RC to all PCB legend where applicable for traceability and control. 
You will be asked at point of enquiry which you require. All standard adapters are supplied as lead-free unless otherwise required.

Sockets & Connectors

We can confirm that all plastic insulator materials used currently are RoHS Compliant however, not all will withstand the elevated temperatures required for lead-free solder processing. To that end we shall be offering a heat resistant polyimide (PA46) which will withstand the 260oC peak flow temperature. As with the ADAPTICs program we will not be changing the main body of our part numbers but will be adding RC (RoHS Compliant) or SRC (RoHS Compatible) as a suffix to denote that the product complies. If you require RoHS Compatible parts please ensure you include the suffix SRC after our part numbers when you order.

Jermyn Transistor Mounting Pads & Bushes

All products in this range are compliant with the RoHS Directive however, as above, the plastics used are not all capable of the extended temperatures required. Where necessary we will supply all products in this range in PA46 and part numbers will be suffixed SRC. If you require RoHS Compatible parts please ensure you include the suffix SRC after our part numbers when you order.

As an added precaution for goods-in purposes all product packaging will have a RoHS Compliant label attached prior to shipping.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 1874 625555.

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